Survey Department has the following sections:
  1. Government Item
  2. Verification
  3. Compensation
  4. Survey IT Section
Goverment Item Section perform the following functions:
  1. Prepare base map for layouts and other purposes
  2. Issue instruction to survey (I to S), and time to time site inspection.
  3. Issue instruction to survey(I to S) to registered surveyors, given contract work on layouts.
  4. Cheking of surveyors' computations, plans and pass the plans for tracing
  5. Sign and pass survey plans for Surveyor General's signature.
  6. Instruct and supervise surveyors to draw composite plan and send for tracing.
  7. Print and pass copy of composite plan to Cadastral department.
  8. Assign surveyors for site inspection and send SIT files for survey report.
  9. Maintain record of plots demarcated.
  10. Maintain register for plots showing.
  11. Maintain records of layouts:
    1. Approved
    2. Implemented
    3. Non implented layouts
  12. Maintain records of survey equipment.
  13. Recomend surveyors for training.