Systematic Land Titling and Registration (SLTR) is the process which most right to land in a particular area are determined, and then documented in an official register of land titles. The S.L.T.R department is a newly created by the state government under Kano State Bureau for Land Management on August, 2017 aimed at to simplifying certification processes including cost, for the benefits of the entire citizens of the state. GENERAL FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE DEPARTMENT
  1. The effective registration of individual title in a designated area.
  2. Effective field data collection and demarcation
  3. Data processing and production
  4. Transportation of field officers for field data capture.
  5. Printing of field data forms and imagery
  6. Arranging/organising public display
  7. Organising schedules for sensitisation
  8. Come up with a time line for effective utilisation of time frame for the work in a particular LGA.

The Department has the following Units

  1. Field Operation Unit
  2. Data Management Unit
  3. Registry Unit



The unit is responsible for the collection of all field data through systematic registration of individual houses, plot of land, a farm land and public utilities in a designated areas demarcated by the department within a particular Local Government Area in the state.

1) Area demarcation/detailing: this include field sketch plan, measurement of a parcels of land using tapes and an agreement of boundaries between all neighbours of the parcel.

2) Charting: the area that is demarcated is going to be verged in red on the field imagery provided considering the name of the street and full measurement of each parcel of land in given area.

3) Field recording: this involve the recording of bio-data of a claimant, his/her social data, photographing of all evidences of ownership presented, completion and acknowledging receipt of evidence to the claimant.

4) Public display: this is another part of field work, in which some field officers are selected for verification and to receive objections and complaints from the public.

5) Field Assistant: Assisting Demarcation officer and other field officers.



1. Data entry and data processing

2. Generation of field forms.

3. Printing of field maps

4. Parcel digitization

5. Printing of claim forms

6. Production of public display images and list

7. Satellite imagery generation

8. C of O generation


1) Digitization officers: they are responsible for digitization of parcels.

2) Data Entry officer: recording of information from the filled claimant forms submitted by field officers

3) Printing officers: printing of all field maps and claim forms

4) Verification officers: verification of data after data entry officers finish the entry to make sure all the data captured are correct.

5) Scanning officers: scanning forms and imagery and upload it to the data base as PDF.

6) Quality assurance officers: Make sure all field data information are correct right from filling of bio-data form, social data, sketches and receipt are issued to the claimant. Responsible for checking and correction of filled data forms and photograph of the claimants before submitting for data entry.


FUNCTIONS They are the custodians of all SLTR files. 1. Keeping records of all SLTR files

2. Taking care of all Ground rent issues

3. Responsible for post certificate transactions record (search reports, assignment, mortgage etc.)

4. Responsible for the issuance of all SLTR certificates of Occupancy.


1. Record keeping: record of in and out of all registry files.

2. Post C of O transaction: this includes building approvals, assignment, mortgage etc.

3. Ground rent transaction: calculation of annual ground rent and records.

4. C of O verification: verification of C of O before any transaction.

The proposed procedure for all SLTR C of O transactions:

i. All original customary ownership documents must be surrendered.

ii. SLTR file should be forwarded to Planning Authority (KNUPDA) for recommended site plan

iii. Survey and Cadastral Department to ensure production of final survey plan in accordance with the recommended site plan.

Procedures for Obtaining Survey Plan On SLTR Post C of O Transactions I. An application for building plan approval.

Applicant → Urban planning/Urban centres Depts. → SLTR Dept. → Cadastral Dept (report) → Private Surveyor → Survey Dept. (examination) → Cadastral Dept. (charting) → SLTR Dept.

II. An application for Assignment, Merger, Mortgage, Sub- division etc. Deeds Dept. → SLTR Dept. → Urban Planning/Urban centres Depts. → SLTR Dept. → Cadastral Dept. (report) → Private Surveyor → Survey Dept. (examination) → Cadastral Dept. (charting) → SLTR Dept. → Deeds Dept.