Kano State Bureau for Land Management is vested with the authority of land administration in the state. It is an offshoot of Kano provisional land office which undergoes series of transformations. In 1964.

Kano State Bureau for Land Management is vested with the authority of land administration in the state. It is an offshoot of Kano provisional land office which passed series of transformations. In 1964, the Ministry of Lands was established as a division in the ministry of works and survey. In 1968, the Commissioner empowered the division to approve applications for consent in cases of assignments, mortgages and sub-leases as well as sign certificates of occupancy. This division gave birth to the ministry of land and survey in 1975 as an autonomous entity. It became a directorate in 1983 under the office of the Governor. Finally it attained its present status in July 1999. PUBLIC CO-OPERATION The general public is requested to cooperate with the Bureau for Land Management by understanding the social and economic importance of land acquisition for developmental purposes. The public are also advised to always contact the ministry in any land transaction for formalization/verification. All prospective clients should note that for our services to be delivered within the specified timeframe; all stated requirements (legal) must be met. See annexure for full details of all services, specific requirements and timeframe .

Haj. Dr. Zainab Ibrahim Braji

Permanent Secretary

A state where every citizen has the opportunity to access and own land in...

Ilyasu Adamu Gadanya

Director Admin and General Services

The Department as the name indicates is charged with the responsibilities of...

Suv. Malandi umar Kura

Director GIS

Kano Geographic Information System (KANGIS) was established on 22nd June, 2012 vide the approval of the Executive....

Mariya Inuwa

Director Special Assigment

Liaising with superior to make decisions for operational activities and set strategic goals. Planning and monitoring...

Ahmad Jibril

Director ICT

The ICT Department of Kano State Bureau of Land Management is a new created Department by the State Government to....

Sani Ado

Director Land

Land Department is one of the twelve departments of the Bureau. It came into existence since the establishment of...

Usman Yahaya

Director Planning Research and Statistics

This Department was created out of the Admin and General Services in June, 2009 and it has the following three sections:...

Hamisu Ado

Diretor SLTR

Systematic Land Titling and Registration (SLTR) is the process which most right to land in a particular area are determined, and...

Muhammad Yahuza

Director Physical Planning

  1. Planning Recommendations for Non-Urban Areas
  2. Design layouts for Non-Urban Areas
  3. Urban renewal for Non-Urban Areas

Suv. Dayyabu Dan'dikko

Surveyor General

  1. Government Item
  2. Verification
  3. Compensation

Ibrahim Isyaku Na'abba

Diretor DEEDS

The Department was curved from Land Department in 1999 in order to cater for legal and post certificate of...

Muhammad Sani Ahmad

Director Legal

Legal Services Department of Kano State Bureau for Land management was created in 2017...