Kano State Bureau for Land Management is vested with the authority of land administration in the state. It is an offshoot of Kano provisional land office which passed series of transformations. In 1964, the Ministry of Lands was established as a division in the ministry of works and survey. In 1968, the Commissioner empowered the division to approve applications for consent in cases of assignments, mortgages and sub-leases as well as sign certificates of occupancy. This division gave birth to the ministry of land and survey in 1975 as an autonomous entity. It became a directorate in 1983 under the office of the Governor. Finally it attained its present status in July 1999. PUBLIC CO-OPERATION The general public is requested to cooperate with the Bureau for Land Management by understanding the social and economic importance of land acquisition for developmental purposes. The public are also advised to always contact the ministry in any land transaction for formalization/verification. All prospective clients should note that for our services to be delivered within the specified timeframe; all stated requirements (legal) must be met. See annexure for full details of all services, specific requirements and timeframe.