Planning Research and Statistics Department

Sani Na-Allah
Director PRS

History: This Department was created out of the Admin and General Services in June, 2009 and it has the following three sections:

  1. Planning Section
  2. Research Section
  3. Statistics
1. Planning Section perform the following functions
  1. Prefaration of the Bureau's rolling plans for three years and their achievements.
  2. Coordiation of Capital Projects.
  3. Compilation and Analyzing Staff Strength
  4. Prefaration of annual Budget of the Bureau.
  5. Provides all relavant information on Kano State Development plan to the Bureau.
2. Research Section conduct practical poticy oriented research in to sectors of the society or areas over which th Bureau has jurisdictions such as
  1. Layout design and demarcation in conjuction with KNUPDA
  2. Data collection and analysis from other Departments of the Bureau vide graphical chart such as progress reports.
3. Statistics Section
  1. Revenue collection tabulation
  2. Making graphical chart
  3. Data collection analysis