Surveyor Malandi Umar Kura
Director GIS


Kano Geographic Information System (KANGIS) was established on 22nd June, 2012 vide the approval of the Executive Council with which the Government of Kano State will transform its Land administration processes and boost its economy and wellbeing of its citizens.


By Mandate KANGIS is the source and custodian of Geospatial Data in Kano State, its core functions include the following; Facilitate computerization of all analogue land record and registration processes in the Ministry of land and Physical Planning Generation, production and issuance of Certificate of Occupancy for all applications. Provide thematic maps (special purpose maps) and plans, satellite imagery and other Geospatial information to Governmental, non-governmental organizations and individuals on request. Provide technical support or facilitation on ICT to interested governmental, non-governmental schemes and programs. Coordinate the establishment and maintenance of a Geographic Information System backbone for use in Land administration and any other aspects of governance in Kano state. Facilitate usage of modern Technology to create new revenue sources that will improved the revenue potential of Kano State in line with the mandate of the organization Facilitate implementation of the state GIS policy in collaboration with other stakeholders Facilitation and coordination of capacity building on G.I.S for interested Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and private organizations or individuals


To be the GIS leading hub in Nigeria with State-of-the Art technology


To create a viable GIS that will establish a platform upon which all activities (socio-economic & environmental) in Kano State will be geospatially coordinated to provide timely and accurate information for sustainable development of the state.


Professionalism: Data Information is processed with confidentiality by well-trained/ accredited and certified experts. Efficiency : Effectiveness in generating and retrieving Geospatial data timely Accuracy / Precision: Automation of manual process with immense capability and correctness Innovation : Committed towards finding better ways of doing things and strive for excellence Team Work : Maintain cordial working relationship to ensure effective service delivery Customer Focus: Our Services are tailored towards customer satisfaction and confidence.


Federal, State and Local Governments Ministry of Land and Physical Planning KNUPDA, Ministries, Department and Agencies in Kano State Land Owners Research / Academic Institutions Non – Governmental Organization/ Civil Society Security Agencies, Professionals (Lawyers, Surveyors, Town planners, Estate surveyors, Civil Engineers, etc.) Private sector organizations/corporations General Public


We are committed to ensuring a sustainable development in Kano state, we will at all times place high emphasis on the accuracy, prompt execution and delivery of our GIS services for improved collaboration, better decision making, and more efficient business processes. We will ensure that our services are tailored to meet the diverse needs or requirements of our various user groups irrespective of gender or socio-economic status with regards to geographic information We will encourage active participation of public in our service delivery through regular sensitization and awareness raising campaigns on the benefits of geographic information