Surv Dalha Mohammed Bello
Director Cadastral


CADASTRAL DEPARTMENT SCHEDULE OF DUTIES The Department has 6 (six) functional units (sections). The sections are:-
  1. Cadastral Information
  2. Drawing and Charting
  3. Reporting Section
  4. Plan and Description
  5. Cadastral Records
  6. Cadastral Registry
• Director Cadastral (SURV. DALHA MOHAMMED BELLO) Saadu Mahe (Secretary)
  1. He is responsible to the Permanent Secretary
  2. Overall Head of the Department
  3. General Administration of the Department
  4. Liaison with other Departments
  5. Budget Matters.
• Deputy Director Cadastral (SURV. SHEHU SANGETSO) Ahmadu Umaru (Messenger)
  1. He is responsible to the Director Cadastral
  2. Assist the Director in the General Administration of the Department
  3. Verification and confirmation of Occupancy permits
  4. Control the process of Recertification
  5. Any other official duty assigned by the Director
1 Aminu Adamu Gezawa 14 C.T.O. (Survey)
2 Tukur M. Sani 13 C.L.O
3 Habibu I. Minjibir 09 Land Off. I
  1. Preliminary charting of allocations.
  2. In charge of file movement index cards
  3. Issued I to S (Instruction to Survey) to registered surveyors
  4. Allocation of becon numbers
  5. Any other duty assigned by the Director
1 Ibrahim Magaji Bichi 14 C.T.O. (Survey)
2 Mujitaba Muharaza Karaye 14 C.T.O Printing
3 Baba Abdu 12 P.L.O
4 Muhammad Yakubu Wudil 06 A.W.S
This section is responsible for:-
  1. i. Drawing of all survey plans, for recertification, change of purpose
  2. Charting on mounted sheets of surveyed plan layouts, Government and Private items
  3. Up-dating of intelligent sheets
  4. Drawing of maps
  5. Charting of all surveyed jobs on to U.T.M. map sheets. The survey jobs include –layout (Residential, Commercial and Industrial). Government items as well as Private items
  6. Checking and passing of surveyed drawn plans.
  7. Up-dating of the white U.T.M map sheets
  8. Providing assistance to U.T.M. map sheet users
3. CADASTRAL REPORT SECTION This section is divided into (2) two sections
  1. The Direct allocation report section and
  2. The conversion report section
1 Mutari Abdullahi 14 Chief>
2 Kamal Abdulhamid Isah 09 T.P.O.I
3 Abdullahi Usman Adamu 12 Land Off. I
4 Daha Auwal Mai Taba 09 Land Off. I
1 Muazu Y. Hamza 15 Deputy Director (Report)
2 Abdu Abba Aliyu 12 P.S.P. II
3 Sabo Lawan Sheshe 12 P.T.O II
4 Bala I. Fagge 09 Land Off. I
5 Fatima Yusuf Mammadi 09 Land Off. I
6 Harazumi Mansur Harazumi 09 Land Off. I
The two (2) sections are charged with the following responsibilities:-
  1. Registration all new files coming in to the section
  2. Preparation of report in respect of the site under application which could either be conversion or direct Government allocation. The report must indicate whether the site is open or not. Whether it has been surveyed or not, and also report on whether it fall within a town plan or not.
  3. The report should also indicate whether the site under application along railway line/siding. The Federal/State road in a settlement.
  4. Marking of site under application on intelligent sheets/plans (Preliminary and final Charting)
  5. Opening of records cards.
  6. Opening of Cadastral correspondence (shadow) files
1 Aminu Lawan T/Wada 14 CHIEF SUP. PF PRESS.
2 Hamisu Ado 14 C.L.O
3 Auwalu Rabiu 12 P.T.P.O
4 Tijjani Inuwa 10 P.T.O.II
  1. Preparation of plans and description (P&D) for all sinned surveyed plans. These include Residential, Industries, Commercial and Agriculture granted plans.
  2. Preparation and assessment of Cadastral survey fess
  3. Opening of file jacket for field work
1 Yasir Hassan Muhd 09 Lanf Off. I
2 Nafiu Salisu 07 Chief Surv. Asst.
This section is responsible for:-
  1. Storing, care and maintenance of all maps sheets used in the department for preliminary and final chartings
  2. Storing care and maintenance of all layout plans
  3. Storing and care of all signed survey LPKN plans and those of private items
  4. Storing and care of record cards
  5. Monitoring movement of intelligent sheet and plans
1 Muhammad Yasin 12 P.L.O
2 Ibrahim S. Hussain 09 Land Off. I
2 Adamu I. Bichi 05 C.A
This section is responsible for:-
  1. Registration of all new files coming in to the Department
  2. Keeping custody of both correspondence, Computation (SIT, GKN & LPKN FILES)
  3. Receiving and dispatching files, mails to and from other departments
Surv Dalha Mohammed Bello
Director Cadastral